Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Little Refugee

Spay Day went well. Something came up and Kris couldn't recover them after all, so I've had them since Sunday afternoon.

It turned out for the best that my foiler released the first ones I trapped. I ended up trapping a very little one. I couldn't see how young it was because it was dark when I trapped her and she was frightened so I shined the flashlight on her just long enough to see that her ear wasn't already clipped.

Kris drove the kitties to Spay Day in the morning and Heather's boyfriend Donald picked them up for me in his truck. He was grinning ear to ear when he informed me that the President of Cat Call, a local cat adoption service, wanted to take the little one and foster her until someone adopted her. I was thrilled! She also wants me to call her if I find any more roughly the same age. She was too busy to take her at Spay Day so I had to recover her for awhile. When I finally got a good look at the kitten, I was shocked at how young she was, and that ACT still spayed her. The Cat Call lady was disappointed she didn't get to the kitten in time so ACT still clipped her ear. 1/4" is not much on an adult, but it's pretty much half of an eight week old's ear! She said that if I catch anymore, don't take them to Spay Day, she'll handle the fixing and vaccinating so I don't have to pay for it and the kittens won't look so rough around the edges. Man oh man, this kitten was cute though. She was a little freaked out so her eyes were so big you could see the whites. She was a black little fluff ball, I think one of my long hairs must the mom. She is going to be gorgeous when she grows up and she'll make a nice pet for someone.

I met up with the woman yesterday evening to do the "hand off". I asked the woman if they would have a hard time adopting her out since her ear was pretty much chopped off. Her response was, "I don't think so. We'll tell them she got in a cat fight and someone chewed it off. People respond to that sort of thing." I was reminded of how we got Allie, and I agreed.

The other kitties are doing well. The three left over were two females and one male. The male was the troublesome little guy that got trapped twice and he pretty much ate me out of house and home. I let him go this morning and he didn't run very far before stopping and looking back at me. I don't think he'll be too hard to win over again.

The two girls will go tomorrow morning. I want to see one of them eat a little more. It was chilly last night so I draped fleece blankets over the cages. I checked on them in the middle of the night and each of them had pull their blankets in through the bars of the cage and were curled up in them. I would like to give the girls one more night of free food and a warm bed before turning them loose again to the world.


Runner Girl FL said...

Smart girls!! And I'm glad the Refugee got out of the house. NO PIC of the fluff ball? So much fun!!

Auntie said...

You are amazing ... Bob Barker would be proud!!!

magnetbabe said...

No, by the time of thought of it, I had already transferred her to the cat carrier and you could barely even see her! By that point I would have had to use the flash too and she was already frightened. She was cuuuute though.

Thank you! The first thing I thought of when I heard Bob Barker was retiring was "I hope the new host reminds everyone to spay and neuter their pets!"