Tuesday, November 07, 2006

To Do...

  • Analyze susceptibility data pending from last helium run by tomorrow

  • Review 5 proposals for MEMS class by Thursday

  • Get battery changed in Green Machine (ASAP!)

  • Meet with Ph.D. co-advisors before writing candidacy proposal I'm probably not going to do this

  • Book plane ticket home for Christmas

  • Write rough draft of candidacy proposal by November 15th or so (per Dr. Hari) Deadline from Dr. Hari has been extended to November 24th

  • Write extra credit research paper (due November 20th) for MEMS so I can slack off on final which is the same day as my candidacy defense

  • Get dress altered for friend's wedding

  • Review paper for MMM conference proceedings

  • Finish The Poisonwood Bible for book club next Tuesday

  • Grocery store

  • PetSMART for supplies for Spay Day this weekend


Jackie said...

Holy Crap Woman!!!

There are times when I wish I was still in school, then I look at that list, and remember why I'm glad I'm not.

All the best in the busy weeks to come!!!

magnetbabe said...

If you're bored, I can ship you some work to remind you what it's like...

lefty_grrrl said...

What about voting?

Runner Girl FL said...

You forgot:

<>Save the chearleader

<>Save the world.

(are you watching Heroes?) :)

Anonymous said...

call my mom wednesday night.....

magnetbabe said...

check. (did it first thing in the morning!)

not watching it. Dean wants to, I might start in the reruns.

haven't forgotten.

Sylvia said...

Good job getting the list whittled down. Those plane tickets are pretty important. :)

dancingo4 said...

Yea!! Plane tickets and dress altering!! Can't wait to see you. 51 days and counting.

magnetbabe said...

I know, I know. That'll be soon.

The alterations are proving to be problematic. David's Bridal (the only people I could think of ) isn't willing to do them. Shockingly, none of my friends down here frequently need bridemaids dresses altered. I'm going to have to cold call and cross my fingers.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, I might know someone who can do alterations on dresses. Call me.

~ regular anonymous commenter

Scott said...

Congrats on the elections Nat. Now we'll see if the other side really has some ideas, or if it was all a bunch of hot air. I sincerely pray for the former. That sounds snide, but I really am hopeful. Things have been going badly, and a change was in order. Here's hoping...

Sylvia said...

I am with Scott. We really do need things to change and I sincerely hope these changes can get us out of the ditch!

mom said...

i'm gettind tense, you haven't crossed anything off from the list for awhile

magnetbabe said...

Thanks Scott!
I woke up feeling like it was Christmas morning. But they really do have to do something. I think they will. They only have 2 years until the presidential elections and the Dems want in so bad they can taste it. Unfortunately the way the war is going, I don't think the people will be happy no matter what happens. Shhhh, but I like Nancy. I sort of think she kicks ass.

We have today off of work for Veteran's day. I'm hoping to cross several more off. (As well as other stuff that has creeped in that I didn't add...) Yesterday was completely taken up with this stupid proposal panel thing. Ugh.

Scott said...

On Nancy I have to disagree. I'll take Harry Reid anyday, but that woman is a fraud. Just my gut, the way she talks with that perma-whine. She'll have some spotlight now. Can she deliver something more than her aches and pains? I doubt it, but we'll see.

Hot4Teacha said...

Nat -

That IS quite a list, sweetie. Whew! If you're at all like me, there are some items on the list that just keep getting transferred to the newest version of the list, never to be actually crossed off. Or if not never, then in the very distant future. The fact that they are on the list is therefore ironic, especially if they're on the top, implying they should be the first ones completed.

Lists are my friends. I need to get out more.

On the dress altering, I've had to do that...cold call and find a tailor shop or seamstress. I'd recommend finding one that has a good Better Business Bureau standing!

magnetbabe said...

Too late, I already took it in. I found a pretty cute bridal boutique that was willing to do it for me. Everyone except me was Cuban so I couldn't generally understand what people were telling me, but on the upside pretty much everyone had bigger booties than me.