Thursday, August 23, 2007


My college roommate, Amanda, found this gem of a picture the other day and sent it out asking, "I have no idea where this is from. Any ideas?"

It's hard to tell exactly because the four of us in the photo have been friends for close to ten years. They are my girls. We don't talk every day or every week but when we get together it is as if no time had passed. Maybe it's because we know what's important and what's not. We are a support network who have been there through bad boyfriends and worse break ups. Through losing loved ones and at times our own minds. We come from different backgrounds and went into different careers, but after all these years we still know how to have a good time.

Even if a good time is a little more painful than it used to be.

The general consensus was that the first picture was taken about five years ago. We were experimenting with the auto-picture feature which explains the funny alignment. The "shot" sequence was taken last month during Girls Night, Summer 2007. For the record, I woke up drunk the following morning. Ouch.


Scott said...

I'm going out tonight with some of the guys from around town to see another friends band. Feels a little like old times, but with new friends. Nothing like hanging out with people that have seen you grow.

Beth said...

Drunk the next morning? lol Priceless!

I've never had a close network of girls. I always got along better with guys. Still do.

MyUtopia said...

That is awesome that you have such a strong supportive group of girlfriends. As Carrie put in in Sex in the City," In the end it will be just us ladies left" : )