Monday, August 20, 2007

Reunion Weekend

My last weekend in Minneapolis was pretty fun. I spent the whole time with my mom and step dad. Saturday morning I tagged along while they ran errands. I helped them pick out a new stove while I drooled over all the kitchen appliances I still have to wait for until we move on up outta the ghetto. We had tickets to the Twins game so we tried to get a late lunch/early dinner at Gluek’s (sounds like “Glick’s”) because I haven’t eaten there since we moved. They were closed until later that evening for a private party. I was sorely disappointed and since it was raining and a little chilly we just crossed to street and ate at NBA City inside the Target Center. My parents are Timberwolves season ticket holders and they said NBA City was pretty good. But they will be the first to admit that their palettes are aligned more with pub food than fine dining. I was shocked. It was really very good. I had the pot roast, one of their signature dishes and I was very pleased. The service was phenomenal (it helped that we were one of maybe a half dozen occupied tables) and the waiter obviously knew much more about food than sports. When I called Dean that night for my nightly “check in” I had totally forgotten that he had eaten at the NBA City in Orlando several weeks back and had the same impression. He said he had thoroughly enjoyed the bleu cheese pasta- another of their specialties.

After dinner we went to the Twins game. This year is the 20th anniversary of the 1987 World Series win and they chose this weekend for the reunion weekend. Other than the actual game (which they lost- offense was deplorable as usual) it was very fun. They handed out 20th Anniversary Homer Hankies to all the fans to wave during the reunion parade. They got the 1987 team together, save for a few guys, and had a parade inside the Metrodome. Pickup trucks drove around carrying a couple guys in each and they threw balls into the stands while having their personal feats announced by Dick Bremer. They also played highlight reels of the post season games and celebration. Of course there wasn’t a dry eye in the house during the Kirby Puckett tribute and while the pickup truck meant for him drove by carrying his two kids instead. All in all it was so much fun going back to that time. 1987 wasn’t nearly their best season, but those scrappy guys made it to the playoffs and fought tooth and nail for each win. What I remember most about that season (I actually remember 1991 much better, I was 12 years old, versus a mere 8 years old in 1987) was the Homer Hanky. I wore that thing everyday and in every way. Tied in my ponytail, around my neck, around my head or through a belt loop. So waving mine at the pot-bellied, gray-haired Twins that brought us those thrilling moments 20 years ago was a joy.

Yesterday was rainy again so we just went to the Mall of America and did some shopping. Seems everyone had the same idea as it was packed more similar to the holiday season than the dog days of summer. But it was still a fun time. I got a shirt, some funky new tennis shoes and these from Williams-Sonoma. So excited to try them when I get back.

Speaking of getting back, only 5 days left. I'm so wound up I can hardly stand it! Usually I have such mixed feelings about leaving Minneapolis. I always feel like I don’t have enough time. This time, I think three and half months was long enough.


mother-in-law said...

Please tell me you got a commerative cup for Dean so you don't have to hear him whine about someone else having one and he doesn't!

labwench said...

I want to see the funky new tennis shoes...

dr sardonicus said...

1987 wasn’t nearly their best season

...yeah, tell me about it. If Jack Clark and Terry Pendleton had been healthy, it would have been an entirely different story.

So ends the lament of a Cardinals fan.

mom said...

it was the best weekend ever...

Katie said...

Aww, it sounds like you had a great weekend. Let me know how those measuring cups work out! I've been afraid to try the collapsable ones :)

fermicat said...

"Three and a half months was long enough"

Sounds perfect. Glad you had such a great summer and ended up doing very well at your internship also. Success all around!

Beth said...

The countdown begins!

I've been to the Mall of America. Wow, it was really too big for me, but my daughter this it was the shiznit. If I may be so bold.

Alice said...

my only trip to minnesota included a visit to the mall of america... i had had no idea that there were roller coasters in malls before that :-)

i wandered over from beth's blog, and wanted to let you know i also read your tribute to your friend randy. it's beautiful. i have a friend who i think must have been very similar to randy that i lost as well... that post touched me, which sounds corny :-) but i thought it was lovely.. it really showed what a special guy he was.

mr. schprock said...

I'd like see a Twins home game just once in my life. Then I'd try to convince their GM to invest the entire team's budget on A-Rod when he goes free agent next year. The one-man roster is a sign of the future.

magnetbabe said...

No, and I missed the stadium giveaway: the Miniature Metrodome Replica. I'm never going to live that one down.

I tried to find a picture online but couldn't, probably because they were on clearance. You'll have to wait til I get back...

dr. s-
Oh brother! Not another Cards fan! Fair or unfair, it's not the overall season record that determines championships. Ask the 2006 Cards about that.

Awww. I agree.

They are an experiment and even if they don't work great, they're better for teeny tiny apartment living. Will let you know.

Yes, I'd say a success. Not overwhelmingly, but enough to be content. :)

Be as bold as you want. MOA is huge. I know my way around so that the I don't feel lost and the size lets me feel like I'm exercising AND shopping which is a big bonus. My mom and step dad get most of their exercise in the winter months walking laps around there!

Welcome! I've actually never been on the roller coaster but my little sis did her b-day party there this year. And thank you for the compliment- it means a lot and it's not corny at all. I leave that post up because losing Randy shaped my view of life, which regrettably isn't the same without him. Sorry about your friend.

mr. schprock-
I swear to God that arod by himself could score more runs than our lousy offense has been scoring of late. And unfortunately the "one-man roster" didn't work out so well for the Timberwolves.

Minnesotablue said...

I LOVE AROD!!Off course I love the TWINS even More!

dr sardonicus said...

Ask the 2006 Cards about that.

Well, I used to hate the three-division setup, but after last year I've had some second thoughts. ;)