Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I love my boys!!!

Brainhell: Don't bother reading this!

Last night I had book group, where we discussed Lucy, which I still highly recommend even after finishing it (in the nick of time!)

I got home during the bottom of the 4th inning of the Twin's vs. Red Sox game. Who knew that in only four innings, Santana would strike out 9 batters?! And that I'd miss his 1000th career strikeout? By the seventh inning he had only thrown 75 pitches. Unfortunately one of them was a homerun hit by Jason Veritek.

Schilling had a phenomenal night as well, despite the fact it was his first ever appearance at the Metrodome (that hell on Earth for visitng teams). I guessed this fact after coming home. Little did I knew the announcers had made a big deal of it in the first inning. Dean was thoroughly impressed by my speculation. Schilling made one mistake as well, giving up a homer to Michael Cuddyer in the seventh.

By the start of the ninth, both starters were taken out, neither given the win as the game was still tied at 1-1. A classic pitchers duel.

In the 12th, Jesse Crain gave up a run from a couple hits strung together by the Sox. It was 11:30 my time, I was exhausted and devoid of hope that we could come back and win it. But we decided to finish it out. Unless we scored exactly one run, the game would be decided in the bottom of the 12th.

To add to the despair, L'il Joe struck out to lead off the bottom of the 12th, and for once had some choice words for the ump. Cuddyer got beaned and Morneau smacked the ball into the gap between center and right field. Unfortunately it bounced over the fence so Cuddyer could only advance to third. Runners on 2nd and 3rd, one out. Torii was intentionally walked to fill up first and set up the double play. Kubel would have been a good bet to hit into a double play. He didn't though. He sent a long fly so Cuddyer could tag up and tie the came. Only it wasn't a fly. That little ball at the last minute sailed over the fence into the stands for a walk-off grand slam, and Kubel who has bounced up and down between the majors and trile-A was the hero. I love my boys!


Runner Girl FL said...

I thought of you this morning when I read about the walk off grand slam on I figured you were watching. ;) That should have made the baseball package worth it huh?

magnetbabe said...

Hell yes.

Scott said...

That was nail biting description. I'm a Sox fan by default, though I don't care too much. I saw Papi hit a homer in the ninth last weekend in the bottom of the ninth, two men on and two points down. This game was some payback. Good times!

magnetbabe said...

Ok, Scott. Since you mentioned Papi, I'll have to tell you my one Papi story. When he played for the Twins, Dean worked for the Twins Pro Shop where they sold game used memorabilia. They often got in game used bats and one day they got in a game used bat from Ortiz (BEFORE he was Big Papi). Well they couldn't sell it in the store because he had written on the handle (in beautiful cursive, with a silver Sharpie) a description his favorite sexual practice as well a graphic. The store sold it under the table for quite a bit of money.

dancingo4 said...

My favorite moment of game 2 of the Red Sox series = the Batboy who tackled the jackass who ran out on the field. That was hilarious. Thanks to Tivo we watched about 10 times, laughing harder each time. Good stuff.

Bonus points for the Ortiz/Big Papi bat story. Excellent story.

magnetbabe said...

That was hilarious. The batboy not only tackled the fan, he started wailing on him too! It sucked that Dick and Bert wouldn't show the fan on the field, but watching all the players laugh at hims was pretty good too. What an idiot though. He managed to totally ruin Guerrier's concentration.

Hadn't I told you that story?!

minnesotablue said...

Pitching has always been my favorite part of the game. I love a one to nothing game!! The last two games have been fantastic. Santana is fabulous and Shilling was great also.

lefty_grrrl said...

Magnetbabe - Your baseball writing is good. Do it more.

Also, what was Ortiz's favorite sexual practice?

magnetbabe said...

I too enjoy a defensive game. I'm pessimistic about tonight though. Carlos Silva+ESPN=CHOKE!

Thanks, now that we have the baseball package maybe I will.
Recall that since my family reads this, I will only say that the terminology and the cartoon on the bat implies he is very generous with the ladies...

brainhell said...