Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Saturday Shopping Spree

I'm going home to Minneapolis tomorrow. So far this month I have been away from my family for father's day, my stepmom's birthday, my step sister's birthday, and my stepdad's birthday. I am going to Minneapolis primarily to attend my cousin's high school graduation. Thus, I had some SERIOUS shopping to on Saturday. I did indeed find wonderful, appropriate gifts for the aformentioned persons and had much fun doing so. I also had much fun finding a couple of gifts for myself. I got a new pair of khakis, and two new t-shirts both on clearance. I also got THESE:

They're Kenneth Cole and they weren't even on sale! I love them and the best part is they're comfy. They are luxious leather but the soles are rubber so I won't slip all over the place and I can finally throw away a couple pairs of pinchy heels. Sometimes, it's fun being a girl.


Big Feet said...

YaY for good shoes! Rubber soles seriously help, and I've heard that they're better for your back because they absorb more of the shock from walking. I'm really not sure how any shoes like that can possibly be good for you, but I'm sticking to it.

Runner Girl FL said...

Nice shoes!! I want to see all your purchases when you get back. Till then have a safe trip!! See ya in a few weeks.

Scott said...

I never met a woman who wasn't happy after a good bout of shopping. Next comes eating, then, well, you know. And in that order.

tony said...

I wish you a happy times :)
cool shoes

magnetbabe said...

Thanks, guys!

Or all three at once...