Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Story

Blogger's note: Not every future post will be about my impending wedding and my kickass ring. Normal posts will resume shortly, after I have come down from my diamond high.

I'm sure many of you are wondering how this all came about. I will begin by sharing a universal truth: things in life rarely happen the way you expect them to.

When Dean and I moved to Florida, I came to terms with the fact that we wouldn't be married let alone engaged for quite some time. We were broke, living paycheck to paycheck supporting ourselves and our growing family. And I have always been so happy with that.

This past September when Dean got his grownup new job, he remarked that he could finally start putting money away to buy me a ring. Once in awhile I inquired about this fund and finally about a month ago he gave me some website information about a jeweler with a contract through his company. And a budget. I did some research about how to buy a diamond, and built my own ring online. A few weeks ago, we placed the order together.

I know a lot of you may think so far that this isn't very romantic, and truthfully- it wasn't. I'm not big on surprises and the fact that we went through the whole process together is really fitting to our relationship. We are best friends. Going through life and making decisions together as a team.

A couple days after we ordered the ring I started checking the mail for it. It didn't show. After a week I made Dean call, and they said they had shipped it but didn't give us a tracking number or anything. Day after day, I shook like a crack-addict as I struggled to get my key in the mailbox. And still, it didn't show. The woman he talked to told Dean 5-7 business days. So Monday, Day 7 from the shipping day, Dean called them asking what the hell is up. They said they shipped it FedEX and their records showed repeated attempted diliveries. To the wrong address. They gave him the FedEX tracking number. Dean called FedEX at 6:45 with his tracking number. They said it was at their pickup center and that after repeated delivery attempts (to the wrong address) they were going to return the package to the sender the next day. And by the way, they closed at 7:30.

We jumped in the car and burned rubber to the FedEX pickup place. We made it with fifteen minutes to spare. Dean ran in and got the package, opening it on his way out the door. Then he proposed to me, right in the FedEX parking lot. That's a story to tell the grandkids.


mom said...

tal, when i think of you and deano i think of many things.... love commitment, hard work, struggling to make a life together, adopting kittens, making new friends in florida, finding places to have your cars fixed, spring training stories. what i don't think about is romance with you two AND THAT'S OKAY, you have everything else. (romance is overrated IN MANY CASES). so your engagement story is perfect and fitting for your lives, and that's how it should be, it's your life, and we're all very proud of what you both have decided to do with it. (other readers - this is the last time i'll be so mushy, AFTER ALL MY DAUGHTERS GETTING MARRIED!) love you both....

Scott said...

Actually Nat, your story is very romantic, and so fitting for the life you two have together. It's quirky, like the time you two spend in line to get bobble-head dolls. I could totally see this in a movie. Your children will pester you to tell this story again and again.

sylvia said...

I love the way the engagement came about and Mom's comment made me cry like a baby! She has it nailed! Thank you for expressing it so well. I love both of you and saw at Easter time just how perfect you are together.

Runner Girl FL said...

I thought it was perfect!! :) It was cute how Dean wanted it as much as you did!! (Note: for you non-Tampa people....FedEx is NOT close to the part of town that Dean and Nat live!! 6:45 traffic could have really been a problem!!)

There is a difference between people who get engaged because they can and people who get engaged because they should!!

And you and Dean....SHOULD!! :)

mr. schprock said...

Congratulations, you two! I think that was such a wonderful . . . wonderful…

(sniff) See? I promised myself I wouldn't cry, and what do I do? Pardon me…

(honking nose blow)

I'm sorry, I'm too verklemp. We'll talk later.

magnetbabe said...

Thank you! As always, you know me too well, and you know Deano pretty darn well also! It's so funny the reactions I've been getting. There are people who are just kindof puzzled by that story, and there are people who "get it". That's why my readers rock, you guys "get it."

Yeah, it sort of felt like a movie moment. You have my expressed written consent to use it in a story if you wish. And you are on the money about us as well. Quirky is a good word.

Awww, how sweet! You did a good job with Deano!

runner girl~
It was cute how Dean wanted it as much as you did!!
I'm so happy that we got to look at it for the first time together. His amazement at what he had bought was priceless. Luckily traffic was okay, but yeah, I was still a little worried about making it in time.

mr. schprock~
You're a mess! Just wait til it's DN1 or DN2!

Kathleen said...

I'm not all that het up about romance. I'd rather have a ring I like (I'm pretty particular), so I think it's cool you designed it TOGETHER. And bloody hell, what is up with people shipping DIAMONDS to the wrong address!? That's pathetic.

Congratulations, though, I liked that you got engaged in FedEx's parking lot.

Jackie said...

Sounds perfect! To me, what makes an engagment "perfect" or "right" is when it fits the relationship of the people in it, and from what I "know" about you two, this engagment was PERFECT!

Who wants a damn ring to ruin a good dessert anyway? FedEx parking lot is much more practical!

magnetbabe said...

And bloody hell, what is up with people shipping DIAMONDS to the wrong address!?

LOL. Going through the contractor allowed us to get a higher quality diamond than we would have through another jeweler. I"m not convinced the heart attack that came with learning it was shipped to the wrong address was worth it. I think we'll look at wedding bands in person. Thanks for stopping by!

Who wants a damn ring to ruin a good dessert anyway?

Amen! Unfortunately I'll have to lay off the desserts for awhile methinks.
Did you already post your engagement story? If not, think about it next you have blogger's block...

Jackie said...

request taken into consideration! Perhaps it will be up within the next week or two. ;)

brainhell said...

Congratulation to Dean!

The place that made our weddings rings kept responding that the would call us when the rings were ready. I kept saying they rings were overdue. I was told, with exasperation, that they'd call ius. A couple of days before the wedding they said "OOps, we hung your order on the wronng hook!" We got the rings, mine with a flaw.