Monday, June 05, 2006

The Perfect Salad

Cover a dinner plate with romaine lettuce. Add:
Five slices cucumber, cut again in half.
Three heaping teaspoons cooked, chilled peas.
One hard-boiled egg, chopped.
Two teaspoons sliced black olives.
One small ripe tomato sliced into twelve wedges.
One handful cheese and garlic seasoned crutons.
Drizzle with three tablespoons Naturally Fresh brand lite ranch dressing.


Big Feet said...

I love that of that salad I would like the lettuce and the crutons...It's mighty pretty though.

Runner Girl FL said...

I'll take big feet's tomoatos. :) It is very pretty!! I like pretty colorful food

Scott said...

You should open your own restaurant with salads that pretty.

Kathleen said...