Monday, August 21, 2006

Dear Gangster Rappers,

Let me first say I appreciate your chosen creative outlet. When I am driving I will often turn my radio to The Beat 96 in hopes that they will be playing one of your songs. (If they are playing what I refer to as an "Ooooh, giiiirl" R&B song, I usually turn it again.) When caught up in the moment I will "sing" along while furiously drumming my hands on the steering wheel. If I am feeling really feisty I will even speak the words that are bleeped out on the radio (but never the "n-word". I respect that I'm not allowed to say that as a white girl).

I understand the plight of the gangsters, the players, the haters, the pimps, the ballers and the shot-callers. Likewise I know that as an art form you call upon many sounds to convey your often anguished message. However, I am writing to request, in fact to plead, that you refrain from including the sounds of gun shots and police sirens. You see, when I am driving home from the lab or Publix or Target and engrossed in your rhythms, and I unexpectedly hear sounds as if I am in a war zone or under a terrorist attack, I am liable to scream and duck my head. This is ultimately terrifying and embarrassing.

You must understand that in a post 9/11 world, we are all a little hyper sensitive which is why I am asking you to consider the alert state of drivers when mixing your beats. At the very least, record a radio version that does not include sounds as if the listener is in a high-speed car chase.

Repectfully yours,


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