Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Willie, My Future Husband

Dean and I went to Circuit City on Saturday because we were in the neighborhood. I had wanted to buy Elizabeth with Cate Blanchett on DVD in light of my recent interest in Tudor England. Apparently this is much too obscure of a movie for Circuit City. I was so irritated because their organizational method (or lack thereof) is total crap. If you are not going to display the DVDs in an aesthetically pleasing fashion, at least display them spine side out like in a book store so a person doesn't have to flip through every freaking DVD just to realize you don't have what they want.

Dean, a much easier man to please, decided for once in his life to treat himself and buy the next season of Family Guy. The first two volumes were gifts and my jaw about dropped when he brought it up to me saying, "Is it okay if I buy this?"

Dean was as disgusted with Circuit City as I was. Not so much about the lack of organization (maybe I would have forgotten all about it if I had found what I was looking for), but because of the volume of the (crappy) music they were playing. Normally I would tease Dean about being an old man, but he has amazing hearing and the music was even hurting my ears a little. Dean can pick up conversations across a crowded bar. It's a gift.

Anyway, after waiting in line an OBSCENE amount of time, Dean is finally allowed to purchase his DVD. He is paying with cash. The cashier asked him for his phone number. I about went apeshit. Dean without batting an eyelash gave it to her. He's much more forthcoming with personal information, but my feeling is what the hell does Circuit City, this hell hole of a store, want with my phone number? I was about to say this, when a name popped up after she entered Dean's phone number.

"Are you Willie Hernandez?" she asked my obviously non-ethnic fiance nonchalantly.

Dean grinned, "Yep, that's me!"


Runner Girl FL said...

Once again....


You better marry him soon or I'm gonna steal him away. :)

mr. schprock said...

Ah, that Dean is a clever guy!

So what is your phone number?

mom said...

there's deans new "soundbite"..."hi i'm dean and people often mistake me for willie hernandez"

Jackie said...

1- I think it's GREAT that you said "apeshit" !!


2- Circit City, and other "big name" stores of the like, rarely stock to "good movies".

terri said...

i don't think we have circuit city here in calgary but we have future shop. it sounds equally bad. mostly run by rude, inept teenagers. in addition to being frustrated when i go in there, i usually also feel OLD. here i am buying old bruce springsteen and they're like "who?"

p.s. i read, and LOVED, your list of 100 things about you. that is so witty and brave. what a great list. i read it and thought "i want to meet this girl"!!

thank god for blogs...i finally meet some amazing smart, funny, self-aware women and the live 3000 bloody miles away from me!

magnetbabe said...

runner girl~
Warning noted.

mr. schprock~
My phone mumber is top secret. Only the US government and Circuit City are allowed to have it.

Too funny! Speaking of soundbite, I think he should answer his phone that way.

1. Thanks, that was my saucier side coming out.
2. I've noticed. I'll have to resign myself to the internet rather than overpriced specialty stores.

Exactly. Which is why despite my frustration I NEVER ask for help in one of those places.

And thank you for your kind words. It is definitely a worthwhile exercise. It helps you define yourself better, not that a list can ever wholly define a person. And it is much more difficult than I was anticipating. It wasn't done in one sitting. I don't know about brave though, you should see what didn't make the cut! ;)

Scott said...

Sweet! What are the odds of hitting on a real number.

magnetbabe said...

They were apparently in Willie's favor, because Dean gave his real number.

Scott said...

Duh... which way did he go George?