Monday, August 14, 2006

Sweet Temptation

I told myself I wasn't going to do it anymore. Never again. No matter how much "things have changed," I was through. A person can only take so much hurt and disappointment before their loyalty is eroded. Can you blame me? I mean, after the strippers, and the excuses, the years and years without a ring and the "things will be different this time." No self-respecting woman would come back for more.

But I did. Like I knew I would. And it wasn't....that...bad. What was I supposed to do? There was nothing else on TV. There was no Twins game on. And the Twins will always be my favorite. And the Bucs. I try so hard to be a good Bucs fan, but they just don't excite me like the Vikings do. The purple jerseys (it reminds me of Prince) and the historically incorrect horns on the helmets. And I really like Brad Johnson. Plus I wanted to see Tony Kornheiser's Monday Night Football debut. How often are the Vikings on Monday Night Football? I'll do it just this once. Then it's the Bucs all the way. They don't disappoint me like the Vikings. Who else, WHO ELSE can fumble on the opening kickoff of the first preseason game?! That's purple pride.

I will have to be guarded with my heart this time. I was too quick to love before, and winning me back will not be that easy. They will have to prove themselves to me.


Runner Girl FL said...

Y E A ! ! G O B U C S ! ! !

And I love RED and PEWTER!!

I still love Brad however. I'm going to marry him!! I just haven't told him yet.

However on the disappoint part.... um... becareful with that heart... The Bucs just wait till they do well and then break your me...I have lots of broken heart experience with this. It is very difficult to be a Bucs fan.


And while I might divert my attention slightly to watch Brad with your Vikings (I always like Vikings - even with their horns) and TonyD with the Colts it will be nice to HATE the PACK and have the world back to the way it should be!! - PLACKERS SUCK!!)

Scott said...

God, now is the time to be a Bucs fan if ever there was a time. I have no love for the Vikings. I've been a Cowboys fan forever, and no matter where I move, through the pulsing throngs of haters I have endured. I chose my team, and I'll stick with them forever. Huh. Then what advice am I giving you? You gotta like Gruden. That's all I'll say.

Runner Girl FL said...

Scott - I knew I always like you for a reason!!

magnetbabe said...

Brad is a cutie. I hope he turns the team around like he did with the Bucs. I even liked him the first time we had him! Poor TonyD though, he seems to be running into the same problems in Indie that he did in Tampa.

Yeah! Plackers suck!!! And there are no Cheesheads around to tell us differently or be obnoxious and shove Favre jerseys in our faces! Suck it, Plackers!!!

I understand the team loyalty, and I am by no means a fairweather fan. But when do you say enough is enough? Never? Being a Vikings fan shouldn't be a death sentence for football fans! And Gruden is hot. That's all I have to say.

greensunflower said...

I dont know the whole story here, but I wish you the best in discernment about your future.

Scott said...

Runner Girl - Because I'm a 'boys fan, or I can appreciate Gruden?

Nat - No, if you are staying in Florida, then you get a pass I think. Besides, the Viking suck. There, I said it. I don't blame you. Fortunately, I chose a team that will always strive for excellence and won't settle for anything less. Every ten years or so I will be on top of the world.

Runner Girl FL said...

I let the being a Cowboy's fan not undermind the fact that I like you. :) (one of my "football guys" is a Cowboy's fan) Its that you appreciate Gruden and support Nat in her defetion to our dark side.

(I liked you anyway...not like I like Brad but I like ya.)

magnetbabe said...

What is defetion?!

Runner Girl FL said...

Oops.....defection! :P

Runner Girl FL said...

Physics....not Psychics!!